Hazard: Horror Short Film


Our short film Hazard has just been officially released, and is now available for your viewing pleasure! The short stars Jason Crowe (Dead Moon Rising, Volumes of Blood, Harvest LakeShelby Taylor Mullins (Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories, and click here to see her in our previous short, A Brush With Death), Katie Stewart (Overtime, Intrusion, The Wicked One), Dale Miller (The Rangers, The Wicked One, Hatfields and McCoys: Bad Blood ), Corey Higdon, Jason Saint (Dead Moon Rising), and Derek Capps. It was directed by yours truly, William Capps, and shot in Breckenridge County, Kentucky. It was edited by Ashly Cecil (who also edited A Brush With Death, see more of her editing work here), and features original music composed by Dion N Green (who also provided music for A Brush With Death, listen to more of his work on Spotify here, or purchase via iTunes here). The mask in this short was designed by Brandon Croslin and you can see more of his work here.

After you give it a watch, let us know what you think!

Synopsis: A killer is on the loose, a group of small town criminals are trying to execute their latest plot, and plenty of blood is about to be spilled.

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Hazard- There Will Be Blood