Video: Soundtrack Swap | ‘Halloween’ and ‘The Guest’


Soundtrack Swap: Halloween and The Guest

It goes without saying that the soundtrack is one of the most important elements of a film, and can either make or break the experience. In the case of John Carpenter’s Halloween, the soundtrack is incredibly important to every scene in the movie, and makes the overall experience that much more memorable. In this video, we swap the soundtracks of Halloween and Adam Wingard’s 2014 film The Guest.

These are two movies that are very different, with soundtracks that drive the experience. Halloween sits firmly in the horror genre as one of the most well known slashers of all time, but it’s a bit tougher to categorize exactly what genre The Guest fits into. Richard Roeper described it as “Terminator meets Halloween” as it takes some elements of horror films and meshes them with action tropes and comes out as something refreshingly entertaining. With Carpenter’s 1978 film among my all time favorites, and Wingard’s latest being one of my favorites in recent years, why not see what happens when the soundtracks are swapped?

Be warned that this video contains scenes that are spoilers for both films, but if you’re visiting this website you have almost certainly seen Halloween, so just make sure you have watched The Guest before viewing this video. Do the scenes still work when the soundtracks have been swapped? Let us know what you think in the comments!